This seems like an unusually hopeful post. I kind of expect to be blackpilled in this space. I suppose this is nice occasionally, lol.

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Good article. It is somewhat hopeful to think that many of the youngens in the dissident right are looking back to men like John Taylor of Caroline, Maistre, and Carlye. And leaving behind the poisoned branches of the late enlightenment, modern and postmodern. God willing it will produce some Aeneas, Theodric or Aelfred.

A minor exception to this well crafted piece: the first industrial war was the Yankee Invasion. Which killed the last nonmaterialist civilation, and produced the reconstructed generation.

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Good piece, Paul. The Lost-> Silent-> Gen X-> Zoomer chain is something I never picked up on but is a good lens through which to view the 20th century, at least the sort of "forgotten" generations that seem to slip through the cracks between the GGs, Boomers and Millennials.

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I like most of this, and to add to the White pills we America are reshoring and re-industrializing at a mad clip, and the labor shortage is real, eternal welfare is not. As I hate waste especially human potential being forced to work or starve will have work winning , and work has always been the great American assimilation engine. Work will assimilate into society our ah damaged toys (and you’re being gentle towards the fruits of single mommy action hero).

Let me substantiate the reshoring cheer;


Its real. Hardinge for instance bought back a machine tools dies factory from Taiwan in 2021 to (!) Elmira NY.

17 good jobs waiting at that Hardinge plant, kiddos.

WNY is the rustiest rust belt after Detroit, but we’ve quietly rejuvenated.

72 jobs at Alstom in Hornell NY, now:


Micron is opening a Chip foundry near Syracuse that will be 40-50K jobs when it gets going.

The Great Lakes economy rejuvenated under NAFTA while everyone was watching the Mariachi Gunfight opera in Mexico- $6T economy US/CAN.


The Dark Pill follows; only the dead have seen the end of war (and frankly you’re overestimating its effects in making psychopaths and drunken wife beaters, it may be the veterans are far more studied. Not to mention the chief American Psychopath factory is the Ivy League).

Only the dead have seen the end of war, and our re-industrializing is not from benevolence.


Life is never always happy.

Don’t worry, GenX veteran here.

The incoming slaughter will quite man up Gen Z . Human nature is quite understood by we gray sergeants. We have a system of male bonding. Also modern warfare is usually volunteers even when conscripts * and there are many professionals.

*Fighting conscripts really volunteers - if they don’t want to fight the real options are limited and ugly. Which is why tossed into the deep end sink or swim is still done, not that I agree with it.

But we’re just going to need moar, of everything.

We 🇺🇸 aren’t entirely insane in picking war with Russia, we’ve now asserted alliance dominance and are consolidating the Atlantic core around America including industry, at the expense of Germany and Ukraine (better hurry to get the machinist jobs before German immigrants to USA do). German firms going to build here, cheaper energy costs, and we just crushed them again. They’re headed for turnips cooked on scrap wood this winter.

We says Biden Palpatine are the first Global American Empire.

But its far from just him. Oligarchs are defecting to America. Not for peace, either.

Help has come

I’ve Found reason to fight.

American Elites are defecting to America.


Real tech wants a real America.

Real tech is not Social Masturbation.

Real tech is for example DOD companies.

The military as ally means seriousness, and the military only has one move, ever.

Sorry. It is what it is..

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Excellent work

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