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Paradoxical Indoctrination

The Marxist march through Academia taught generations of Elites and Strivers to fear and loathe overthrow by the Workers and Peasants. That is what they learned, all they heard. Amidst all the inane babbling they discerned two words;


The current march of Academia into real life first with growing indoctrination and forbidden words such as the forbidding of the word ‘nipple’ in connection with machinery access and maintenance parts (yes, that’s real and from their own unions) are probably also having a paradoxical effect: the workers in America are becoming class conscious in a negative way of being against their petty tormentors. Karen isn’t making friends but she’s not intimidating she’s annoying at first and has grown into troublesome. Its one thing to have to endure a growing number of hours spent at work getting paid being lectured to stop being racists and rapists, it’s another when you can’t work, can’t pay bills and your time spent at home teaches you your kids are being not just indoctrinated by schools but groomed for sexual predators.

Commissar Karen is indeed mobilizing the commons class consciousnesses but Lets Go Brandon isn’t what Gramschi had in mind.

Life is full of surprises.

(Not that this wasn’t predictable, Marx himself denounced bourgeois socialism).

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