Appreciate the reflections, Paul. Just discovered your Substack through T777. I see a lot of myself in you, in between the grappling with Christianity or the love for America. You’ve got a gift. There seems precious few of us so I hope you keep up the output. And (selfishly) more civil war content!

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“no real coterie to organize “

No, there’s no fight in them.


OTOH the Americans be assured are the most rapidly self organizing people in the world, I saw the 9/11 response firsthand over time in NYC, and the nation. Bush 43 and Neocons squandered the opportunity. The people didn’t, Ground Zero was self organized by the people, the police and government let them have their head (they literally stayed out of their way).

Or Cajun Navy. Another example of many.

The people are still there, the elites are lost (in truth most of them are trying to survive and would respond to leadership).

Above all a large body of veterans with very seeing narrowed eyes. > if young men stood as opposed to the usual ladies lunch (hard pass no) the ah infrastructure would instantly appear as it were...

If you drill then seek you the grey beards and silverbacks, know in test the men follow them. Their rank may be lowly for time in service (there’s no point in going up , better to earn cred at platoon and company level).

Vets are quiet and candid only among each other. But we know more than war, we know the whole rotten thing top to bottom but see the many good who could outweigh the few rotten climbers.

Ask, listen, apply as can. Too many leaders who are combat virgins resent vets. The listener will be marked as promising.

We’re all only as good as 2 tests;

The last test and the next one.

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