Something is being missed about the USA 🇺🇸 internal struggles.

Its not Nazi GOP vs Communist Democratic Party.

Its actually a replay of the 1850s/1860s Slavery question. We’re back to 19th Century politics 🇺🇸.

The Republican Party did not come into existence to abolish slavery but to check its Spread.

Lincoln’s speech Half Free or Half slave shall not endure sounded the alarm the trend was towards all slaves and made a cogent case that was happening. What drove most of the Republicans was not righteousness but alarm.

The old time Democrats have returned and the answer is All Slave.

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I’m glad someone else noticed we’re back to 19th century politics. Whilst we stroll down memory lane let’s see what the Republicans and Lincoln were actually fearful of...the spread of universal slavery. The House divided speech text below where clearly Lincoln says half free or half slave and the apprehension was ALL SLAVE and that slavery was spreading. The abolitionists were a minor part of the coalition that became the Republicans, Free Soilers and Free Labor were major parts. Free Labor did not want to compete with slavery and most assuredly slavery was spreading and spreading because of Democratic Party success in “manipulating procedural outcomes” even in the 1850s. Now I could care less about their fate then or now...it is I who do not like being a slave.

For you see now in 2022 the fate of the commons is ALL SLAVES.

This puts a different color on the matter, if we must reduce to skin I mean my ruddy pale hue.

Let us not be deceived that our current situation in the white commons present day is much different than the lot of the white commons in the south then - well- our situation is WORSE. At no time were their children prey.

So now that we’re all slaves except for a few unfit masters perhaps we can see the 19th century in a different light?

And yes we were always this way , as long as we worship money we’ll always be this way and will NEVER stop trying to parasite or enslave the others, not that it makes us different than the rest of mankind.

But with the yoke upon us now perhaps we reconsider the past?

I’m correct about the 1850s Republicans motives, it was fear not righteousness.

Correct also in saying the Democrats remain a constant as well, it seems only to be a matter of methods. They’ve certainly come full circle.


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