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Let me be candid as well.

I am speaking to any reading and not the author.

If Charlottesville was someone’s breaking point then quit, quit forever and for your own sake and survival never say or write a word again. You have no politics because you have no power, including over your own fate.

The one neat trick you can pull is to hide and hope they come for others. You have no agency or power because you will not pay its price, indeed you’re finished if someone makes you look bad.

Thats a Junior High Girl, but if that’s you to thine own self be true.

All the same with Jan 6, for and against. If 1 bullet ends it , end it all now while you are still relatively safe. If the bad optics or the lack of immediate gratification ala no instant and painless revolution-above all a safe one eh- if anything put you off about Jan 6 QUIT.

The Left did a thousand Charlottesville’s with dozens of corpses in 2020. No regrets.

No remorse.

The Left is serious. They’ll kill you, they’ll jail you, they’ll ruin you.

The Right doesn’t actually exist, and the problem is cowardice, selfishness, and an unwillingness to pay the price for power.

In short the Right really are legacy Americans, or Heritage Americans and Petit Bourgeoisie to the bone.

That’s the real problem Paul.

I look at my people and I see what Sherman saw at Shiloh- let shit get real and in their town and its over.

That’s the problem.

That’s unsolvable at present.


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I think the DR is best framed as an academic or educational institution and a media institution.

It’s not all lost. These essays of critique and big brained autistic thought crimes created many, if not all, of the Arab revolutions since 1910.

They were so crippling autistic and obsessive they had to go and create a whole written language known as MSA in order to communicate obscure political theory.

They have a powerful political institution which chronically fails at organized power yet influences the entire world for over a century.

Where is our brotherhood?

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The soul of Shiloh (selfishness unto common ruin) must be purged from our people.

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