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This is the space for all of the thoughts, ideas, and fiction of Mr. Paul Fahrenheidt, which are too controversial to be published anywhere else. Expect anything from Geopolitical Analysis to Reviews of Classic Novels, and even a fiction piece every now and again.

Who I Am

My name is Paul Fahrenheidt. I am a native born son of Virginia, educated in History, Political Science, Philosophy, Literature, Law, and Metaphysics. Additionally, I have served in the United States Army, and have worked very close to the heart of the American defense establishment. My views, opinions, and works are based on all of the above. They are only my own, unless they strike a pulse which I cannot own as much as any other man: the Truth.

Why I Write

As the great German Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926,) writes in the Letters to the Young Poet, “Confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.” I write because I would have to die if I was told I could no longer. I write for myself really, and to impress those I admire, some of whom do not have living eyes to be impressed. If people enjoy it, all of the credit goes to those I admire.

What You’ll Find In My Writings

I believe I have insights and perspectives unique among the spheres I inhabit, and I believe said spheres will be greatly served should they have access to them. If you find yourself within the same spheres I do, or simply like what I have to say, you’ll find inner-vistas and insights that will directly benefit your interaction with the chaos that is our world.

You can also find me on Praxarchy, where I write articles of a more rigorous nature.

Should you deem me worthy, please subscribe in order to judge every one of my insights the moment they’re released. Thank you for your patronage, and I hope to be of service to you, the dear reader.

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